Our Services

Our Services

Caribe PRO Servicves, Inc. is committed to offering and achieving excellence in all its services. Our team offers engineering solutions, industry innovation, proven procedures, sustained capabilities and resources to exceed customer expectations.

These qualities give our clients peace of mind that we are doing everything we can to minimize risks, provide a safe workplace and deliver the best value for their investment.

With more than 15 years of experience in the commercial and industrial market, Caribe PRO Services offers complete industrial mechanical construction services and services improvements and immediate response for the following industries:

Chilled Water System
Air moving system
Cooling Towers
Glycol Systems
Water Pumps
Air Filtration and Air Disinfection
Reheat Water
HVAC System

Plumbing Specialties
Cold & Hot Water
Duct Work
Preventative Maintenance

Comprehensive Heating and AC Repair and Maintenance Contracts
Responsive Service and Repair
Energy Management/Controls
Automatic Temperature Controls
Total Building Evaluations
Design Build Solutions
Energy Conservation Retrofit and Strategies
Modernization and Replacement of inefficient units

Vibration Isolation

Spring Isolators, Neoprene/Fiberglass Mounts, Suspended Isolation, Base-Mounted, Rooftop-Mounted, Pipe Risers, Flexible Connectors

Air handling units, fans, pumps, cooling towers, chillers, generators, pipe risers, boilers, compressors, transformers

Noise Control

Ventilation Silencers, Acoustic Louvers, Pressurized Air Plenums & Equipment Casings, Barrier Walls, Acoustic Enclosures Sound Absorption Wall & Ceiling Panels

Cooling Tower Silencers, Cooling Tower Barriers, Generator Rooms, Backup Generators, Mechanical Equipment Yards, Chillers, Rooftop Noise

Seismic & Wind

FHS Restrained Spring Isolator, FLSS Restrained Spring Isolator, ESR Rooftop Curb, QuakeLoc Cable Restraint Kits, TITAN Modular Vibration Isolator

Air handling units, fans, pumps, cooling towers, chillers, generators, pipe risers, boilers, compressors, transformers

Jobsite Unit Assembly Services

The jobsite assembly services of air handlers offer the perfect solution to replace existing air handlers in mechanical room, in time ,without wall demolition or critical moving our crane mobilization.

The precision of the design and the dimensional flexibility make it an ideal product for tight mechanical rooms. The advanced assembly and pressure seal method combined with the use of pre-engineered bolted technology offer a reduction of up to 60% of the labor required by traditional field assembled units offered by our competitors.

Jobsite assembled solutions are designed and built with the same high quality casing and components as our factory-assembled air handling units. Each of our jobsite assembled air handling unit is engineered to meet the client’s expectations for:

• 100% Guarantee
• Superior air quality
• Long-term reliability
• Complete project coordination

Air Handling Unit Refurbishments

Ensure optimum performance with high efficiency upgrades and refurbishments for your Air Handling Units (AHU) with quality replacement parts and a full refurbishment service.

OUR services provide a fast and efficient Air Handling Unit (AHU) refurbishment service with the benefit of large stocks on-site of high quality consumables and component items for your Air Handling AHU system.

A team of fully qualified and experienced engineers will work efficiently to enable you to refurbish your AHU Air Handling Unit within your time scale. Special access and cranes may not be required as components are moved to site through the buildings existing service lift.

Experienced engineers can help you to evaluate a project and consider the viability of refurbishment of your Air Handling Unit (AHU) as an alternative to replacement. An AHU refurbishment may also enable upgrade of equipment for increased performance and efficiency.

Air Conditioning Rental Services

Do You Have An Emergency With You A/C Unit?

We offer a variety of portable ,commercial and industrial air conditioner rentals from 12,000 BTU spot coolers to 12 ton Portable Packaged ,5 tons to 40 Tons Rooftop packaged ,200 tons Air-Cooled chillers, Chiller water pumps, Power Transfomer and 100KVA to 350KVA Power Generators and more.

Caribe PRO Services,Inc. inventories various design configurations and ancillary equipment to meet your site conditions.

• All types of HVAC cooling applications
• Climate control
• Emergency response
• Industrial services

Optional Features
• 100% return air & 100% outside air
• Skid-mounted; trailer mounted
• Industrial configurations